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Apr 4, 2017

Our Growing Collection

Our Growing Collection


A good sign that a museum is doing something right is if their collection continues to grow.  Thankfully at the Trolley Museum, we are doing just that!  We have been very fortunate over the past 6+ months to be given the opportunity to add two pieces of rolling stock to our growing collection.


St Louis & San Francisco 1232 Caboose

Mr. Paul Slavens of Tulsa, Oklahoma has donated the St Louis & San Francisco 1232 Caboose.  The #1232 caboose was built by International Car at Kenton, Ohio, in 1957, and numbered 232. Seventy-five Wide Vision cabooses were built and numbered 200-274. In 1968, they were renumbered to 1200-1274 to avoid a computer data conflict with the 200 series diesel switchers. This Frisco caboose was used in the Fort Smith area. The Burlington Northern later renumbered the caboose to 11560 and painted it green and yellow. After it was removed from service, it was placed on display in Seneca, Mo and repainted to its original color.  The caboose is currently sitting in Tulsa, Oklahoma but will eventually be transported to the Trolley Museum.


Mr. Julian Connell, with Red River Rail Services, has donated a General Electric 25-ton diesel switch engine to the Trolley Museum.  This engine was used to move the hopper cars that carried raw peanuts for processing at the Planters Peanut processing plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  This engine replaced a small track mobile that was donated to the Trolley Museum when the G.E. 25-ton engine was purchased.  About a year ago, the G.E. switch engine was replaced by an even larger track mobile. The G.E. Switch engine is in running condition and ready for more work!  If you are curious about the black stack on top of the cab, it is “Mr. Peanuts” top hat.  We are currently working on getting transportation arranged to move the switch engine to its new home.


While it is fantastic that the Trolley Museum is continuing to grow, we have run into the issue of where to display the caboose and switch engine for all to see.   Our solution is to build additional yard track at the museum so that we can display more of our collection and still have some growing space.  The plan is to extend the yard track just past curve that that goes towards the Fort Smith National Cemetery and have it run parallel to the main track used by the A&M railroad.  This will require new ties to be purchased and more rail to be installed (which we already have) in order to extend the track.

Future Track Expansion

We are reaching out to you to help us with this endeavor in growing our museum.   Your donations will help us get closer to our goal.  A secure donation can be made through PayPal in the button shown below and all the donations collected go specifically to this project.  If you do not have a PayPal account, no problem!  PayPal can process your debit or credit card donation at no additional charge!


Help us to grow the Trolley Museum and to help grow the historic community of Fort Smith just like Mr. Slavens and Mr. Connell have done!



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