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Greetings!  "Tweety Bird" here,


          “After months of preparation, I will be moving from my comfortable home in front of Planters Peanuts to my new home at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum located at 100 South 4th Street in downtown Fort Smith.  I was told a new spur track was installed at the museum for me and the Frisco #1232 caboose that will join me by the end of the year.  The crane will place me on the transport truck early in the morning at Planters, and I hope I will be at the museum around 10:00 AM in the morning. 


            Due to the security at Planters I was told I could not have an audience to watch me lifted on to the transport truck at that location.  However, you are more than welcome to watch me leave the truck and be gently placed on the track at the museum.  The museum staff has assured me there will be a safe viewing area for people to watch this event.


            I want to thank Mr. Julian Connell for graciously donating me to a museum that will take care of me for years to come, to Mr. Jim Bass for supervising the loading at Planters, to Holmes Erection for the loading and unloading, and to Harry Nagy of “I Go Cargo” for the transportation.  And I especially want to thank the people that made donations and those who donated their time to make this happen. I was told the museum already has in its collection the smaller blue track mobile that I replaced well over fifteen years ago and I look forward to meeting him again.


Be sure to come and join me Saturday November 4 at the Trolley Museum at 100 South 4th Street and take lots of pictures.”


-  "Tweety Bird"


The Fort Smith Streetcar Restoration Association is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of electric powered streetcars, railroad equipment, transportation and other technology that existed during this period in history, and to providing a unique educational experience to the visiting public.

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Our 7th Annual Polar Express will be on December 9, 2017 from 3:30pm till 9pm.